10 Crazy Car Cleaning Tips That Actually Work! 

 Toothpaste? Coffee filters? Can these nontraditional cleaners really work on our cars? You bet and here's how! 

  • Avoid streaks on your windshield by dousing wipers in rubbing alcohol, then wiping them dry with a clean cloth. 
  • Scrub toothpaste on headlights in circular motion, then wipe off with damp cloth. 
  • Put a little bit of olive oil on a rag and wipe down the interior. Your leather dash will shine and even fogged glass will look clear again. 
  • Run a coffee filter over the interior to grab the dust that gathers there. 
  • Can't get the dust out of smaller crevices like in between air vents? Use a Q-tip or toothbrush for scrubbing, or a can of compressed air to quickly blow it out! 
  • Combat the dead bug brigade on your grill with dryer sheets. Bonus: storing dryer sheets in your car will make it smell better, too! 
  • If Fido travels with you, spray his seat with water and use a shower squeegee to remove dog hair from the fabric. 
  • Use some hair conditioner made with Lanolin when washing the exterior. Your car will shine and a gentle wax build-up will protect the paint. 
  • Show some appreciation for the cup holders that keep our morning coffee safe by deep cleaning them: put a sock on the bottom of a cup, spray with Windex, and twist it around in the holder.  
  • Don't forget your tires! Mix baking soda, dish soap, and warm water together, apply paste to tires, scrub off with hard-bristle brush. Voila! Like new!

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