Its easy to run out the door with a young child in one hand and needed supplies in the other, only to forget some of the most essential things you may need. To combat these tiny lapses in memory here is a great idea: create a 'car kit' with a few essential supplies that you always keep in your trunk, just in case!  After all, even the most organized parent has these moments once and awhile!  


Here are 5 essentials to always have on hand in your toddler car kit:   

 1. Diapers and wipes!  If you have nothing else in your emergency kit, be sure to at least have these!  It will allow you to avoid stopping at the drug store or nearby grocery store when you simply don't have time. It's always good to just have a few extras in your car just in case!   

 2. Car cleaning wipes.  Because baby wipes don't work to disinfect your car, it's good to have some disinfecting wipes on hand in case of messy accidents or car sickness.  The car specific kind can work on any car surface. They will come in very handy.

 3.  Baggies. Save plastic bags from shopping at the grocery store. These are a perfect place to throw in dirty clothes, dirty diapers or even trash from your car.  Just don't forget to remove them from your car when you get near a trash can!   

 4. A change of clothes.  Let's face it - toddlers are messy! Whether on your way to meet friends for lunch, or just a day running errands, it's always a good idea to bring your toddler a change of clothes.  You will probably find you go through these "back up" clothes on a regular basis.  Remember to update them with the seasons and size changes, too!   

 5. Snacks!  Best case scenario: snacks come in handy to fight off toddler grumpiness.  Worst case scenario: you get a flat tire and have to wait for the tow truck!  Pre-packaged snacks aren't always to cheapest way to go, but having a few in your toddler car kit could make all the difference!  Plus they will stay fresh until you open them!   

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