5 Ways for Kids to Help Care for the Family Vehicle 

I noticed something about my children soon after they learned to walk: they may be little, but they sure do leave a big mess in their wake! As they've grown, that mess has only gotten bigger, and it's no longer confined to our home; our family vehicle is also evidence of their clutter. So I delegated five ways the kids can help care for our family car: 
What goes in, must come out: Shoes, food wrappers, and papers-if they bring the stuff into the car, they are responsible for bringing it out. And the trick to success with this is the stuff comes out the second we get home. Not the next day, not in an hour-immediately! 
Windows aren't for licking: Actually say those words to your kids. They have no idea it's not sanitary (or appreciated) to put their mouths all over the glass. They also don't realize fingerprints leave smudges that could inhibit clear vision, which is dangerous when driving. Tell them, and you'll be surprised at how much cleaner the windows will be! 
Family clean-up: When it's time to wash the car, everyone gets a duty. Someone scrubs tires, someone rinses the soap, everyone helps dry. More hands make less work.  
Gauges galore: Now is the perfect time to teach the kids how to read various gauges on the dash. They can help keep track of oil and remind you when it's time to get gas. 

Your seat, your responsibility: This is the most effective way to hold everyone accountable for their stuff: if you mess it up, you clean it up. And this includes Mom and Dad!

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